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Child & Youth Behavioral School Counselor (MFLC)

Location: El Paso, TX
Date Posted: 11/22/2020
Category: Other
Education: Masters Degree

We are seeking a Child and Youth Behavioral (CYB) Counselor to work within the school district surrounding Fort Bliss in TX.

* Provide non-medical, short-term, and walk-around counseling
* Implement training or health and wellness presentations, and consultation to the brigade or regiments command regarding behavioral health issues with a unique understanding of the particular military unit, culture, and mission.
* Develop and manage the complex relationships necessary to successfully work closely with the command personnel and leadership hierarchy providing the highest level of consultative services
* Provide assessment, brief counseling and consultation, action planning, and referral resources (ensuring linkage as appropriate) and follow-up as indicated
* Enter counselor activity data on a daily basis through smart phone, web, or fax to ensure that reporting is accurate from assigned installation, while maintaining client or service member confidentiality.
* Cultivate and maintain direct, high-level relationships with high-level commanders and personnel within the assigned military unit, utilizing superior senior relationship management skills and recognizing the unique structure and mission of the assigned military unit.
* Responsible for the development of an excellent working relationship with the installation POC (Point of Contact), command, and the command POC.
* Create a presence within the brigade or regiment in which the service and family members feel comfortable approaching the Counselor, and recognizing the program to be confidential.
* Establish and maintain working relationships with community resources and provide appropriate linkages for service members and their families.
* Partner with POC to provide MFLC services in a manner that addresses the needs of the brigade/regiment.
* Manage duty to warn and restricted reporting situations according to DoD protocol and staff the cases with Regional Supervisor or Regional Director.

* Minimum of a Master's Degree (MA/MS/MBA)
* Minimum of 2-5 years of post-masters supervised clinical experience.
* Advanced knowledge of brief therapy and solution-focused child and youth counseling methods.
* Licensed at the independent practice level; Independent Clinical TX License
* CYB counselors must meet the MFLC CYB criteria for experience with children and youth and specialize in child and adolescent development or psychology.
* School assigned counselors must have past work experience in a school setting to qualify for assignment.
* Must be able to prove US Citizenship.
* Prior military service/military family member and/or strong familiarity with military culture

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Title: Child & Youth Behavioral School Counselor (MFLC)
Class: Counseling
Ref. No.: 1180665-61
BC: #JCS401

Company: JCS MSS, Inc.
Contract Contact: Heather
Office Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: 267-295-2229
Office Address: 950 E Haverford Road, Suite 100A, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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